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The North Carolina Captive Insurance Domicile

North Carolina has been one of the fastest-growing captive domiciles. At the end of 2018, 244 captives were domiciled in North Carolina, up from just 52 captives 5 years earlier. State regulators attribute that growth to several factors, including an up-to-date and attractive captive law and top customer service. Curious? Learn more today on
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US Captive Domiciles Keeping Captive Statutes Up to Date in 2019

In 2019, US lawmakers have continued the drive to keep their states' captive statutes up to date. So far this year, at least six states—including Vermont, Utah, Nevada, Tennessee, Montana, and Georgia—have passed measures amending their captive statutes.
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How the United States Became Home to More Captives Than Any Other Country

When Vermont lawmakers passed legislation in 1981 to allow captive insurance companies to be set up in the state, they did something unique for a US state: authorize a captive domicile that would compete with Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, the world's biggest domiciles. Now close to 3 dozen US states permit the formation of captives.
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The BMA Proposes Regulatory Regimes for New LPI Classes

The Bermuda Monetary Authority's (BMA) latest consultation paper outlines the BMA's proposed regulatory regimes for new classes of Limited Purpose Insurers (LPIs) and a new category of an intermediary (insurance market places).
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South Carolina Captive Industry Has Generated over $539 Million

Being one of the largest captive insurance domiciles in the United States has had a big and positive impact on the South Carolina economy, according to an academic analysis by the University of South Carolina's Moore School of Business.
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The Arizona Captive Insurance Domicile

If there are two words that succinctly and accurately describe Arizona as a captive insurance company domicile, those words would be "consistent growth." Since 2015, both the number of captives licensed in Arizona, as well as captive premium volume, have increased each year. Curious? Learn more today on
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New Montana Captive Law Increases Captive Insurer Flexibility

Montana captive insurance companies that want to use a letter of credit to meet the state's capital and surplus requirements will have more flexibility to meet those requirements under legislation signed into law May 1, 2019, by Governor Steve Bullock.
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Tennessee Governor Signs Captive Legislation

Legislation approved late last month by Tennessee lawmakers and signed May 22, 2019, by Governor Bill Lee will allow captive insurance companies to receive premium payments and pay claims on insured losses in a foreign currency.
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The Hawaii Captive Insurance Domicile

Hawaii has the distinction of being both one of the oldest and largest captive domiciles in the United States. In 1986, Hawaiian lawmakers passed legislation authorizing the formation of captive insurance companies in the state. Growth in the number of captives since then has been near continuous. Curious? Learn more today on
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The District of Columbia Captive Insurance Domicile

Washington, DC, is not only the US capital; it also is one of the oldest and largest captive insurance company domiciles in the United States. DC lawmakers passed the captive statute back in 2000, and since then, the domicile has grown significantly. Curious? Learn more today on
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North Carolina Removes Captive Premium Tax Provisions from House Bill

North Carolina legislators have stripped provisions from a broader bill, H.B. 220, that would temporarily exempt captive insurance companies that redomesticate to North Carolina from state premium taxes.
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Utah Captive Insurer Dormancy Provisions Go into Effect this Month

A new Utah law that takes effect May 24 will allow captive insurance companies licensed in the state to move into dormant status, freeing up both time and money for the captives and their parents.
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Vermont's Governor Officially Signs Captive Statute Changes into Law

Legislation recently signed into law by Vermont Governor Phil Scott will make several changes to Vermont's captive statute, including giving captives more time between mandatory financial examinations.
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The Georgia Captive Insurance Domicile

While Georgia is one of the smaller captive insurance company domiciles in the United States, the state has been one of the fastest-growing domiciles. The total of 49 captives in Georgia at the end of 2018 is more than 5 times its total of 9 captives in 2014. Curious? Learn more today.
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Tennessee Looks To Revise Its Captive Insurance Company Statute

Legislation approved April 9, 2019, by Tennessee's House Insurance Committee would make several changes to the state's captive insurance company statute.
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Calling All Managing General Agents to Guernsey

Guernsey says its captive insurance, reinsurance, insurance-linked securities, and longevity risk transfer insurance infrastructure provides opportunities for managing general agents, and the captive domicile is moving to develop its managing general agents sector following a recent visit from the UK-based Managing General Agents' Association.
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The Connecticut Captive Insurance Domicile

Are you looking to learn more about Connecticut as a captive insurance domicile? Connecticut is one of the newer and smaller captive domiciles in the United States, with significant growth lying ahead, state captive experts predict. Curious? Learn more today on
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Steve Kinion Discusses Same-Day Conditional Licensing for Captives

In an interview with, Steve Kinion, director with the Bureau of Captive and Financial Insurance Products at the Delaware Department of Insurance, discusses recent amendments to the state's captive law allowing same-day conditional licensing for captive insurers.
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Georgia Legislature Authorizes Cell Captive Formation

On April 2, the very last day of its 2019 session, the Georgia Legislature gave final approval to a measure updating the state's captive insurance company statute. The measure, HB 99, authorizes the formation of cell captives.
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North Carolina Captives Continue on a Growth Curve

North Carolina, one of the largest US captive insurance company domiciles, continues to grow. As of April 1, North Carolina, the fourth-largest US domicile, had 244 captives, up from 232 a year ago, according to statistics released Monday by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.
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