Captive Domiciles

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New Utah Law Lets Captives Reinsure Risks from Any Insurer

Legislation recently signed into law by Utah Governor Gary Herbert will expand the business that Utah captive insurance companies are allowed to do. The new measure, HB 37, will allow Utah captives to reinsure risks ceded by any other insurer.
April 02, 2020 Read More
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Vermont Eases In-State Board Meeting Requirement Due to COVID-19

The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) has eased its requirement for in-state captive insurance company board meetings in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The DFR said it will allow captive boards unable to hold required annual meetings in Vermont in 2020 to seek a waiver from the department.
March 27, 2020 Read More

Bermuda Extends Captive Reporting Deadline Due to COVID-19

Responding to the business disruptions resulting from COVID-19, the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) is giving captive insurers licensed in the domicile more time to file annual reports. The BMA said it will waive the fee that had applied for captive insurance companies that sought a 1-month delay in filing requirements.
March 20, 2020 Read More
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Alabama Adds 14 New Captive Insurance Companies in 2019

Continuing impressive growth, the Alabama Department of Insurance licensed 14 captive insurance companies in 2019, the second straight year the state hit that licensing mark. With 73 captive insurance companies at the end of 2019, Alabama is one of the larger captive insurance domiciles in the southeastern United States.
March 18, 2020 Read More
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Vermont Postpones Mexico City Captive Insurance Forum over COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to interfere with captive insurance company scheduled events, the latest being a Vermont-led captive insurance forum in Mexico. Conference organizers hope to reschedule the postponed Mexico City event once the COVID-19 public health emergency ends.
March 12, 2020 Read More
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Arkansas Statutes' Attractive Features Spur Captive Insurance Growth

The attractive features in Arkansas' captive insurance laws are a major factor in the domicile's new formations. Arkansas' captive insurer count may be small compared to some other domiciles, but on a percentage basis, it's rapidly growing.
March 03, 2020 Read More
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Alabama Legislation Revamps Captive Insurance Statute

Legislation approved February 25 by the Alabama House of Representatives would revamp the state's captive insurance company statute in several ways.
February 28, 2020 Read More

Guernsey Domicile Reports a Jump in Captive Formations

Guernsey reported 11 new captive structures were registered in the domicile during 2019, its best result since 2016.
February 28, 2020 Read More
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Tennessee Captive Domicile Licenses 200th Captive Insurer

Joining just a handful of other US domiciles, Tennessee last week licensed its 200th captive.
February 21, 2020 Read More
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South Carolina's Jay Branum Says Captives Have a Bright Future

While more than 30 US states have captive statutes, only a handful have a significant number of captives, says Jay Branum, director of captives at the South Carolina Department of Insurance.
February 17, 2020 Read More
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Conditional Licensing Boosts Delaware Captive Formations in 2019

Delaware licensed 56 captives in 2019, with most of the new captives licensed under a fast-track procedure.
February 13, 2020 Read More
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Utah Continues as a "Strong Player" in Captive Insurance Industry

Captive insurance company growth continues to be strong in Utah with 42 new captives licensed in 2019.
February 07, 2020 Read More
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Cayman Maintains Its Prominence with Strong Captive Licensing Activity

Medical malpractice continues to be the biggest risk insured or reinsured by Cayman Islands–licensed captives, according to recent statistics released by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.
February 04, 2020 Read More
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The Louisiana Captive Insurance Domicile

While Louisiana is an older captive insurance company domicile—the state's captive statute was passed in 2008 and took effect the following year—Louisiana remains a very small domicile.
January 28, 2020 Read More
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Bermuda Reports 22 New Licensed Captives for 2019

Up slightly from 2018, Bermuda licensed 22 new captive insurance companies in 2019, allowing the offshore domicile to maintain its status as the world's largest captive domicile.
January 24, 2020 Read More
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Captive Growth Continues in the North Carolina Domicile

In its newly released year-end report, the North Carolina Department of Insurance provides additional information about the domicile's 2019 captive insurance company growth.
January 23, 2020 Read More
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Modest Captive Growth in 2019 with More Growth Expected in 2020

Captive insurance company formations increased only modestly in 2019, but captive regulators and managers expect more growth this year.
January 20, 2020 Read More
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Arizona Continues To Enjoy Steady Captive Growth

Arizona is continuing to enjoy steady growth as a captive insurance company domicile. In 2019, the domicile licensed nine new captives.
January 14, 2020 Read More
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Another Strong Growth Year for Vermont Captives

Aided by a surge in the number of fourth-quarter licenses, Vermont licensed 22 new captive insurance companies in 2019.
January 14, 2020 Read More
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Vermont Captives and Dave Provost Reach a New Milestone

Last week, Vermont licensed its 1,000th captive since Dave Provost joined the captive field more than 30 years ago.
January 07, 2020 Read More