Continuing Education Courses

Become an expert on captives and other risk finance techniques with these high-quality continuing education courses from WebCE, the leading provider of online education for the insurance industry. 

Designing & Managing a Captive

Examines three aspects of captive management with emphasis on the legal environment in which captives must operate: the formation of a captive, captive operations, and the issue of unrelated business. Explore key differences between captives, commercial insurance, and self-insurance plans; distinguish among various types of captive insurance companies; and recognize the various factors affecting a captive's choice of domicile.

Property and Casualty Reinsurance Fundamentals

As the industrial world becomes increasingly complex and the values of property more concentrated, the need for reinsurance becomes increasingly pronounced. This course is intended as an introduction to reinsurance, providing an overview of the key aspects of reinsurance as well as the role this important risk financing mechanism plays in insurance programs.

Captives as Risk Retention Mechanisms

Discusses the concept of “cost of risk” (COR) and how captive insurance can be used to reduce these costs. After completing this course, you will understand what a captive is, how it can be used to reduce the COR, and the different types of captives that are in use today. You’ll also understand the various functions that must be performed by a captive to be effective and be introduced to the tax and accounting issues that impact the effectiveness of a captive in managing the financial impact of risk.

Captives as Risk Transfer Mechanisms

Focuses on how captives are used when risks are transferred between risk takers to improve risk financing efficiency. You will learn about the insurance techniques used to underwrite risk and the underwriting processes used to ensure that a risk will be adequately financed, discover the ways in which captive insurance and other risk financing methods can smooth the financial impact of risk, and explore the types of reinsurance and the value that they can bring to captives.