Captive Management

The Importance of Vendor Management Best Practices for Captives

June 25, 2024

Effective vendor management helps captives control costs, reduce risks, and ensure quality service. Key success factors include clear roles, communication, and due diligence. Read More

Where To Begin with Retaining a Captive Manager

June 24, 2024

Some boards might opt to select a captive manager through an RFP. This guide offers tips for achieving success in this process. Read More

Cell Structures and Captive Insurance Innovation

June 20, 2024

Cell captives, including protected cell companies, offer cost-effective self-insurance with shared expenses and lower capitalization, gaining popularity for hard-to-insure risks. Read More

Captive Insurance and Direct Placement Taxes Explained

June 14, 2024

Direct placement taxes apply to both surplus lines placements as well as placements with any nonadmitted company, such as a captive insurer. Read More

Group Captive Characteristics & Success Factors

June 12, 2024

Hugh Rosenbaum, one of the pioneers of the captive insurance movement, discusses the characteristics of group and association captive insurance and describes some of the key success factors of association and group captives. Read More