Captive HR

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Why It Matters More Than Personality

September 25, 2019

Emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) is more than just a term used frequently in human resources departments and executive boardrooms. Understanding what EQ is and how it differs from personality can improve your hiring practices and impact your workplace bottom line. Read More

Clear Up Blind Spots with Behavioral Interview Questions

April 23, 2019

Traditional interviews when recruiting new employees leave companies susceptible to blind spots because they rely on hypothetical or subjective opinions. This creates the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. However, a behavioral interview will unlock reliable and measurable information about each candidate in order to hire the best fit. Read More

What Is Your Plan for Making Hiring Decisions?

December 19, 2018

A growing company needs to reduce the risk of turnover and increase the return on investment in its human capital. This can be accomplished by forming a plan for hiring decisions that aligns each candidate with the job opening. Read More

Controlling Healthcare Costs: Medical Stop Loss and Captive Insurance

October 24, 2018

Mark Sims of Captive Alternatives advises that many businesses are looking to use their captive insurance company to help control healthcare costs. Read More

How To Select a Captive Manager

June 7, 2018

Stewart Feldman advises that a prospective captive owner should consider a number of factors before selecting a captive management team. Read More