Captive HR

Accountable Care Rollout Creates Special Demands on Medical Professional Liability Captives

August 7, 2017

Healthcare liability captives will be on the forefront of improving quality and outcomes under accountable care, requiring expanded budgets that integrate more service providers, consulting assistance, and software. Read More

Accountable Care's Effect on Medical Professional Liability

August 7, 2017

Michael Maglaras, principal at Michael Maglaras & Company, discusses how accountable care is resulting in the marriage between claims activity and quality. Healthcare captives mine their claims data to instruct quality improvement and, most significantly, how this is key to managing reputational risk. Read More

7 Steps To Increase Employee Retention

July 19, 2017

Employee turnover is costly. In terms of annual salary, cost estimates for losing a position to turnover range from 30-150 percent (hourly employees) up to 250 percent (sales/senior leadership). Developing a strategy that follows seven key steps is critical to the long-term success of an overall employee retention plan. Read More

What Are the Financial Benefits of a Deductible Reimbursement Policy

July 19, 2017

An operating company may achieve immediate financial benefits by using a captive insurer to issue a deductible reimbursement policy for its high deductible retentions. The tax implications for reimbursement policies for high deductibles are explained in this video by Martin Eveleigh from Atlas Insurance Management. Read More

Communication Is Key to Successful Collateral Negotiations

July 11, 2017

Collateral negotiations can often be contentious. While collateral is required for a variety of insurance programs, opinions of how much collateral is necessary can differ significantly. An objective discussion between the actuaries behind the loss projections on both sides of the negotiation can help find valuable middle ground. Read More