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Why say, "Show-Me Missouri" before you domicile?

  • We support our business community, wherever they are
  • Laws and regulations that encourage captive growth
  • Devoted team with experience in protecting captive success
  • And most important, you're not just a number on a spreadsheet. Your business is personal to us and you'll know the person who answers the phone is here to help YOU.

54 active captives with $4.7 billion in gross written premium is a great indicator that:

Missouri is "Where Captives Grow Strong"

Just a few reasons to say: "Show-Me Missouri." insurance.mo.gov/captive/index.php

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(573) 522–9932
Lead Captive Examiner-Analyst
(573) 526–0476

Mailing Address:
Harry S Truman State Office Bldg., Rm. 530
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Jefferson City, MO 65101

Captive Domicile Summary

In 2007, Missouri established its captive insurance law to support the business community looking for options in managing their financial risk. This philosophy continues to be the centerpiece for the Missouri Captive Insurance Program today as we look for ways to support a global industry with innovative ideas that encourage growth while also protecting success.

That is why Missouri grades itself not only on the number of active licensed captive companies in our portfolio, but also the total gross written premiums these companies are producing. This combined overview demonstrates if the state is truly encouraging strong captive insurance growth.

As of January 1, 2024, there are 55 active captive companies domiciled in Missouri, with gross written premiums in 2023 of $8.6 billion.

Encouraging captive insurance growth is one element of our philosophy, but another important aspect is protecting the success of our current captive insurance companies. This is accomplished by providing necessary oversight that does not stagnate growth, but rather protects our companies from outside scrutiny.

Missouri provides these services through a simple fee structure that allows the annual fee of $7,500 to be deducted at 100 percent of the estimated premium tax. These funds support dedicated in-house staff that can conduct all necessary services from application to examinations—ultimately reducing a captive company's overall operational costs.

The decision to start a captive insurance company is a big step for any business looking to take control of their financial risk, but an equally important choice is where to domicile. Missouri understands the significance of this selection and encourages every potential or current captive insurance company to review all the information available as you would with any business decision.

We are proud of Missouri's Captive Insurance Program, and we welcome the opportunity to work with more businesses to cultivate this success in our state, where captives grow strong.

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The Missouri Captive Insurance Association teams up every year with the Nevada, Oklahoma, and Utah captive associations to host the Western Region Captive Insurance Conference (WRCIC).

For more information about the conference, contact the WRCIC at (775) 2834237, or email at [email protected].

Captive Domicile Statistics

Captive Information* Missouri
Type Total
Total Active Captive Insurers 54
Total Captives Licensed (Since 2007) 88
New Captive Insurers in 2022 8
Protected Cell Captive 1
Gross Written Premium $3.5 billion
Assets under Management $14.3 billion
*Total active captive insurers excludes inactive and protected cell captives.
Total Captive Count* Missouri
Year Captives
2023 55
2022 54
2021 51
2020 50
2019 52
*Total captive count represents only active licensed captive insurance companies.
Captives' Gross Written Premiums Missouri
Year Premium Volume
2023 $8.6 billion
2022 $3.5 billion
2021 $4.7 billion
2020 $3.2 billion
2019 $3.5 billion