Management Services International

Management Services International

By expanding the captive solutions to a broader group of clients, which allows inclusion of companies whose budgeted premium is only $100,000 or greater, Management Services International (MSI) allows for more captive owners to enjoy the benefits of a captive insurance appropriate, when appropriate for their business. Because of MSI's unique and innovative structure, our clients gain the ability to better manage their risk, potentially minimize the cost of their commercial property and casualty coverage, and additionally, they can participate in the insurance company profits. In addition, they also can obtain insurance company tax benefits. Our unique captive pool concept has promoted MSI to be a sought-after firm by business owners, CPAs, and Advisors since a greater amount of clients qualify to participate in the MSI captive pool. Additionally, our 831(b) "factory" helps our clients achieve their goals more efficiently. Knowing that our highly trained, experienced, diverse team has successfully formed and managed hundreds of captives, MSI created a niche in the smaller captive manager's marketplace by providing smaller captive managers a streamlined back office service, which we call "The Key to MSI."

MSI is a captive manager that has experience and expertise in the following ART programs.

  • Single-Parent Captives
  • Group Captives
  • Risk Retention Groups
  • 831(b) captives, Pure

MSI is domiciled in North Carolina, serves captives in the domicile of North Carolina, and has offices in North Carolina, Illinois, and Puerto Rico.

About Management Services International

Jeremy Colombik is the president of Management Services International (MSI), which currently is one of the largest captive managers in North Carolina and manages over 100 businesses that are utilizing a captive insurance company structure.

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