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As COVID-19 Changes Health Care, Employers Look to Captive Insurance

April 12, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed health care in many ways, with those changes increasing employers' consideration of captive insurance stop-loss arrangements. Rising healthcare costs had employers moving to place stop-loss coverage in captives even before the pandemic. Changes in healthcare delivery and shifting employee demographics are increasing the trend. Read More

Remote Working Likely To Persist Post-Pandemic but Not without Risks

March 31, 2021

Among the major changes forced by the COVID-19 pandemic was a move to remote working for many organizations, an arrangement likely to persist after the pandemic in some fashion and bring with it certain risks. Among other things, organizations must apply remote working policies fairly. Read More

After COVID-19, Organizations Are Increasingly Focused on Resilience

March 22, 2021

The experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced organizations to think more about risks and resilience, including finding a way to balance the near-term crisis with longer-term exposures, according to a panel of experts. The pandemic has prompted organizations to think more effectively about both expected risks and unexpected ones. Read More

2021 Virtual Bermuda Captive Conference To Focus on Resilience

March 9, 2021

The 2021 Bermuda Captive Conference will be held virtually on June 14 and 15 under the theme "Resilience." The conference will explore how risk managers and major corporations have adapted to the demands the pandemic imposed as well as the changes the pandemic brought to the world. Read More

Always Valuable, Captive Insurance Steps Forward in Distressing Times

March 8, 2021

While many organizations' rush to form captive insurance companies in response to the hardening market might make it seem that often captives aren't formed until a crisis occurs, many times the crisis gives a final nudge to a captive already in the works. Read More