Delaware Department of Insurance, Bureau of Captive & Financial Insurance Products

With 670 captive insurance companies—including series captives, Delaware is one of the largest domiciles, with captive managers saying key reasons for that growth are the accessibility, high quality, and stability of the state's captive regulators.

"It is refreshing, indeed, to work with Delaware's captive regulatory team. They are knowledgeable, inquisitive, flexible, and willing to assist captive owners and managers in structuring their captive insurers," said Michael W. Teichman, president of the Delaware Captive Insurance Association.

Company Contacts

Insurance Commissioner
(302) 674–7300
(302) 577–5258

Mailing Address:
The Nemours Bldg.
1007 N. Orange St., Ste. 1010
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 674–7300

Captive Domicile Summary

Delaware captive regulators are highly experienced. "That expertise is a major advantage of the Delaware captive program and is a great asset for captives domiciled, or looking to domicile, in Delaware," said Stephen Taylor, the new director of the Delaware Bureau of Captive & Financial Insurance Products at the Delaware Department of Insurance.

"Captive managers value the collaborative nature of Delaware's captive team and feel comfortable in reaching out to present their captive insurance concepts and strategies,"  Mr. Taylor added.

Yet another appeal of Delaware as a captive domicile is the willingness and ability of state legislators to consider and pass legislation to update the state's captive statute.

For example, in 2018, state lawmakers passed legislation that gives captives 6 more weeks—until April 15—to file annual statements and pay premium taxes.

The new filing deadline "has proved helpful.  It had often been difficult to gather all required information within the prior time frame," said Michael W. Teichman, president of the Delaware Captive Insurance Association.

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Captive Domicile Statistics

Total Captive Count* Delaware
Year Captives
2023 670
2022 735
2021 759
2020 793
2019 882
*Includes series captives
Captives' Gross Written Premiums Delaware
Year Premium Volume
2022 $4.6 billion
2021 $5.0 billion
2020 $5.4 billion
2019 $5.3 billion
2018 $5.4 billion