Delaware Department of Insurance, Bureau of Captive & Financial Insurance Products

In Delaware, our captive regulators are dedicated exclusively to our captive insurance clients' needs and work under the direction of our Captive Bureau leadership.

There are 34 people working on Delaware's Captive team. Of this total, 15 are financial analysts. Under Delaware's regulatory organization, the financial analyst is the first-line regulator who communicates with the captive manager or owner.

As a result, all inquiries, business plan changes, dividend requests, and other related matters are first addressed by the analyst. The experience level of these analysts is unmatched.

Our team has 15 analysts.

• 12 hold the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation

• 12 hold the Accredited Financial Examiner (AFE) designation

• 9 hold the Certified Financial Examiner (CFE) designation

• 2 are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Company Contacts

Insurance Commissioner
(302) 674–7300
(302) 577–5258

Mailing Address:
The Nemours Bldg.
1007 N. Orange St., Ste. 1010
Wilmington, DE 19801
(302) 674–7300

Captive Domicile Summary

With more than 730 captive insurance companies, Delaware is one of the largest domiciles, with captive managers saying key reasons for that growth are the accessibility, high quality, and stability of the state's captive regulators.

"It is refreshing, indeed, to work with Delaware's captive regulatory team. They are knowledgeable, inquisitive, flexible, and willing to assist captive owners and managers in structuring their captive insurers," said Michael W. Teichman, president of the Delaware Captive Insurance Association.

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Captive Domicile Statistics

Total Captive Count* Delaware
Year Captives
2022 735
2021 759
2020 793
2019 882
2018 944
*Includes series captives
Captives' Gross Written Premiums Delaware
Year Premium Volume
2022 $4.6 billion
2021 $5.0 billion
2020 $5.4 billion
2019 $5.3 billion
2018 $5.4 billion

Applicable Captive Insurance Laws

Revised Captive Insurance Company Act, Title 18, Chapter 69; Delaware Administration Code, Title 18, 302 Captive Insurance Financial Regulation; HB 15

Domicile Benefits

Domicile Benefits

In 2005, the Delaware General Assembly passed House Bill 218, modernizing Delaware law regarding the formation of these companies and positioning Delaware to become a home to the growing number of captive insurance companies being created by companies worldwide.

Modernized captive insurance law
Sophisticated corporate laws, judiciary, and financial infrastructure
Same-day conditional licensing
Dormant captive legislation
ICCIE trained organization
First-line regulators (financial analysts) communicate directly with captive managers and captive owners providing an unmatched experience level
Convenient premium tax payment reporting dates
The most multilingual captive staff in the United States

Delaware's experienced captive insurance team has reviewed and licensed some the world's most complex and innovative captive insurance transactions.