Non-NatCAT Insurance-Linked Securities: Identifying Opportunities

December 12, 2017

One of the most important market trends has been the rise in non-life insurance-linked securities (ILS) that transfer risks outside of the natural catastrophe space. Aaron Koch of Milliman provides an overview of "non-Nat-Cat" ILS market potential and offers his view on next steps. Read More

Assessing and Quantifying Cyber Security Exposure and Cyber Risk

December 9, 2017

As cyber attacks occur with increasing severity and frequency, cyber risk has emerged as a critical risk exposure. Furthermore, current and future regulation will require a reliable, evidence-based approach to risk assessment. In this article, Milliman outlines actionable steps for companies looking to assess and quantify their cyber exposure. Read More

How a Captive Insurer Can Drive Superior Cost of Risk Results

December 2, 2017

Captive insurers can be used to support both strategic and tactical risk management initiatives to drive superior cost of risk results. Some strategies include tangible costs, while others are intangible. Glenn Peterson of EWI Re identifies and discusses intangible issues that can become tangible, thereby adding to an organization's cost of risk. Read More

The Challenge of Managing Millennials

November 29, 2017

Managing millennials can be challenging for human resources departments. Many myths and broad generalizations about this generation have emerged. However, there are risks involved with relying too heavily on generalizations for managing any particular demographic. Read More

Why Captive Investment Manager Due Diligence Matters

November 22, 2017

With the recent revelations concerning the issues at Guggenheim Partners and the New York state pension fund, captive insurers should consider how they conduct investment manager due diligence. Find out what precipitated the scandal and how captive insurers should consider conducting due diligence on money managers. Read More

5 Key Pillars of Captive Insurer Corporate Governance

November 1, 2017

As a captive owner or board director, what are the primary components of captive corporate governance? In this article, we look at five key pillars of corporate governance and provide a brief description of each facet. Read More

Can the Black-Scholes Model Be Used for Captive Insurance Premiums?

October 30, 2017

Pinnacle Actuarial Resources' Derek Freihaut and Tim Mosler share their thoughts on the viability of applying a specific mathematical model, Black-Scholes, in estimating the maximum premium appropriate for a captive insurance company. Should the Black-Scholes pricing model be used to estimate captive insurance premiums? Read More

Captives in the Construction Industry

October 25, 2017

A recent Strategic Risk Solutions webinar explored the topic of alternative risk transfer and captives in the construction industry and examined construction industry trends and competitive landscape and insurance market challenges and solutions for insuring construction risk. Read More