Tracy Hassett To Remain Vermont Captive Insurance Association Chair

A round table in a board room with chairs on one side

October 25, 2023 |

A round table in a board room with chairs on one side

The board of the Vermont Captive Insurance Association (VCIA) has voted for Tracy Hassett, president and CEO of edHEALTH, to continue as board chair. The VCIA board took the vote during its annual meeting October 18.

The VCIA board also elected Jason Palmer, director at WTW, vice chair; Andrew Baillie, program director, global director at the AES Corporation, treasurer; and Gail Newman, vice president of risk management at Bright Horizons, secretary.

Each VCIA board office has a 1-year term, and the vice chair does not automatically move into the board chair position in the following term.

"As a board, we believe continuity is key right now, especially as we fully invest in a strategic plan development and execution," Ms. Hassett said in a statement. "I can speak on behalf of my fellow board members, and the VCIA staff, that we are truly energized for the task ahead of us and look forward to enhancing VCIA's value and standing in the captive insurance space." 

"Tracy has always been about the big picture, the blue sky for VCIA. It's only appropriate that she keeps on as chair during this significant period for our association," VCIA President Kevin Mead said in the statement. "VCIA members and stakeholders will be happy to know that we have the ideal person steering us into a promising and robust future. The bylaws have foreseen the possibility of any of the officer positions serving additional terms, so this is not unusual. I can't wait to get to work."

As board chair, Ms. Hassett will spearhead the VCIA's strategic plan for 2024. The Vermont captive group's board assigned a subcommittee to finalize a strategic planning request for proposals to find a consultant to help facilitate the process. The board will select its strategic planning partner by its March 2024 meeting.

October 25, 2023