Market News

Effective Strategies for Forming and Managing Risk Retention Groups

June 20, 2024

Risk retention groups (RRGs) offer industry groups a cost-effective way to self-insure liability risks, providing control over expenses, policy wording, and claims. Read More

Navigating the Capital Challenges of 2023: Insights from Aon's Capital Poll

June 19, 2024

A recent Aon poll reveals insurers faced capital challenges in 2023, turning to reinsurance and equity for growth, as pressures from stakeholders and rating agencies intensify. Read More

US Commercial Insurance Rates Show 6.3 Percent Rise in Q1 2024

June 19, 2024

US commercial insurance prices rose by 6.3 percent in Q1 2024, with steady increases across most coverage lines, according to WTW’s Commercial Lines Insurance Pricing Survey. Read More

Determining Whether a Group Captive Is Right for Your Organization

June 17, 2024

Group captives allow companies to share risks and profits. Hylant explains the benefits and requirements, highlighting the importance of commitment and strong loss history. Read More

Developments Influencing Captive Insurance Domiciles: Insights from SRS

June 17, 2024

An SRS webinar discussed key factors in captive domicile choices: tax implications, regulatory requirements, market conditions, and operational considerations. Read More