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Analysis of the FIO Report on TRIP and Small Insurers

The Federal Insurance Office (FIO) report on the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program (TRIP) and small insurers contains several key conclusions that warrant discussion and analysis by all captives that provide some kind of terrorism cover.
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Captives and TRIA

Gain a basic understanding of how the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act applies to captives and how the Department of the Treasury reporting requirements may impact captives.
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Using Single-Parent Captives for Cyber Liability Risks

This article provides insight, guidance, and out-of-the-box perspectives on how to approach quantifying a particular company's cyber risk profile for the primary purpose of risk transfer using the classic risk management process: (1) identify; (2) assess; (3) treat; and (4) monitor.
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5 Coverage Questions for Cyber-Liability in a Captive Insurer

Many captive owners are being asked to consider writing cyber-liability coverage in their captives. The idea has been discussed at numerous captive conferences over the last several years. Additionally, there are dozens of articles available on captive vendor websites that explore the possibility. Reading these articles can lead many owners and board members to conclude that cyber-liability coverage is worthy of pursuing.
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Legitimate Captive Insurance Companies Are Not Driven by Tax Planning Strategies

Here is a message that needs to be delivered to all those involved in advising, regulating, or legislating tax policy: captive insurance companies are genuine risk management organizations that add value to their owners.
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Captive Insurance Taxation and Regulation Hot Topics Featured in December CICR

The December 2016 issue of "Captive Insurance Company Reports (CICR)" looks at a current hot topic in the captive insurance community—the new ownership requirements for captives that have elected to be taxed under section 831(b) of the Internal Revenue Code—as well as other captive insurance current concerns.
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Captive Insurance Company Leaders Should Consider Audit Committee Best Practices

Most captive insurance company owners recognize the role an audit committee plays in the general good governance of their captives. However, with the increase in regulatory scrutiny of financial service firms, the importance of a competent and well-educated audit committee cannot be overstated.
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Blockchain Technology—Can Captive Insurance Companies Be a Test Bed?

Milliman recently released a white paper titled "Blockchain: An Insurance Focus" by Michael A. Henk and Robert T. Bell. The report points out the various impediments, one of which is regulation, that exist to the rapid adoption of this technology,.
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Competing Cyber-Security Laws: NAIC v. New York

Many captives are probably aware of the work being done at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) concerning cyber-security risks. This process began in late 2014 when the NAIC’s Executive (EX) Committee appointed a "Cybersecurity (EX) Task Force" to serve as the point group on all regulatory matters related to cyber-security. In April 2015, the Cybersecurity Task Force adopted the “Principles for Effective Cybersecurity: Insurance Regulatory Guidance.”
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Captive Insurance and Healthcare Liability: Learn More

Excellent short videos related to captive insurance companies and healthcare liability and featuring captive expert Michael Maglaras are available on Captive.com.
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