Captive Management

Insurance in 2030: Questions for Captives To Ponder

May 15, 2017

Technology and changing demographics will instigate profound changes on risk and insurance in the future. What will insurance look like in 2030, and where do captives fit in? In this guide, you'll learn how to begin to answer this question and what are some of the trends you should consider. Read More

The Sharing Economy and the Role for Captive Insurance

April 17, 2017

The sharing economy introduces new business models and risk attributes that create unique issues for traditional property-casualty insurers. Sharing economy businesses are turning to captive insurers to fill these needs. Learn what the sharing economy is and how captives are being employed to manage the risks. Read More

The Case for Centralized In-House Loss Control with Captive Insurance

March 20, 2017

Written by a practicing risk manager, this article outlines some of the potential advantages of embedding centralized loss control within a captive and how doing so can reduce the cost of risk. Read More

A Guide to Actuarial Reports

March 14, 2017

There are numerous types of actuarial reports, and they can be as different as the actuaries who author them. This article gives guidance on which elements are required and which are a matter of style with the purpose of helping you to better understand actuarial reports. Read More

Group Captives Prompt Members To Manage Their Own Risk

March 8, 2016

Michael J. O'Neill of ACIG explains how being part of a group captive insurance company catalyzes members toward better risk management including general safety and quality issues as well as risk-specific concerns. Read More