Captive Management

NAIC Proposed Insurance Data Security Model Law Explained

October 18, 2017

Eversheds Sutherland explains the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) proposed Insurance Data Security Model Law that tracks language from New York's regulation. In lieu of the New York regulation's specific and nuanced requirements, the proposed model law requires licensees to determine which controls listed in the law are appropriate for them. Read More

5 Key Attributes of Captive Managers

October 11, 2017

Captive managers are an integral part of any captive insurance program. But what are the key attributes that captive insurers and their owners should look for when evaluating and selecting a captive manager? Here are five for consideration. Read More

Captive Insurance Opportunities in the Transportation Industry

September 25, 2017

Recent years have been difficult for the commercial automobile insurance industry. Both frequency and severity have been escalating, while rate increases have not been sufficient to offset the climbing loss costs. Captive insurance and the alternative market can provide a flexible option for companies and groups as they respond to the industry's increasing market volatility. Read More

Advantages of Domiciling Your Captive in Your Home State

August 7, 2017

Cost is not the only consideration when deciding where to domicile a captive insurer, as John S. Alberici, of Alberici Corporation, discusses in this video. While domiciling in a company's home state can save many costs, evaluating the state's commitment to captive insurance programs is equally important to domicile selection. Read More

Captive Ownership Increases Risk Management Awareness

August 7, 2017

John S. Alberici, of Alberici Corporation, discusses how having more of a company's own capital at risk results in an increased focus and level of involvement in terms of safety and controlling costs. Read More