From Good to Great: How Group Captives Help Members Manage Risk

January 5, 2022

Commercial insurance doesn't have to be just a reactive mechanism to pay for losses. Insurance programs can be a proactive device that empowers companies to control losses, minimize injuries and fatalities, and make their workplaces safer. Read More

Delivering Collaborative and Custom Investment Solutions to the Captive Industry

September 27, 2021

Sage has over 25 years of demonstrated experience in the management of investment portfolios for the captive industry and is uniquely positioned to assist captive managers, risk consultants and boards of directors in successfully managing through the unique life cycle of each captive. Read More

Insuring Disaster: A Ranking of 70 of the World's Largest Insurers' Approaches to Responsible Investment and Underwriting

August 4, 2021

The core business of insurance is the assessment, pricing, and management of risk. Today, we are challenged by systemic and interrelated environmental and social risks which are emerging simultaneously over the world. Insurers have a clear interest in addressing these risks, but what and how is the industry doing in terms of meeting the challenge? Read More

The Importance of Vendor Management Best Practices for Captives

October 7, 2020

Captive insurers tend to rely heavily on external vendors, but those relationships can suffer due to not employing vendor management best practices. It is crucial to have effective vendor management in place because vendor performance ultimately affects the captive's performance. Read More

Why Your Captive Insurance Company Board Needs To Be Actuarially Sound

July 27, 2020

In today's environment, it's imperative that a captive insurance company board, or at least a number of board members, be actuarially sound. Take a look at what captive board members should know about actuarial analysis and why as well as actuarial terms board members should understand. Read More

"The Song Remains the Same" (The Peril of Ignoring Investment Risk)

June 16, 2020

Individuals and companies are often too quick to forget about investment risk, or assume the risk probability of the event is too small to happen. Real-life examples also illustrate that there will always be investors reaching for yield, especially in low-interest-rate environments, and when they should beware. Read More

How Numerate Is Your Board? The Case for Captive Board Numeracy

June 3, 2020

What is "numeracy," and why is it an important attribute for captive board members to have? This article examines numeracy, innumeracy, and relevant examples-with a specific look at insurance. Read More

Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Asset Management

May 27, 2020

As in other areas of the captive insurance world, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly important component of the asset manager's tool kit. This article provides a brief primer on AI and asset management by way of a discussion with Alton Cogert of Strategic Asset Alliance. Read More