ICCIE Update: 17 ICCIE Trained Organizations and Counting

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February 12, 2019 |

ICCIE Trained Organization logo

According to a recent announcement, the International Center for Captive Insurance Education's (ICCIE) website now features a page that shows which companies have qualified, to date, as ICCIE Trained Organizations. The page will be updated as companies are added to the list.

As of January 14, 2019, the list includes the following ICCIE trained organizations.

  • Anguilla Financial Services Commission
  • Artex Risk Solutions—South Carolina
  • The Captive Advantage
  • CIC Services, LLC
  • Cover & Rossiter, PA
  • Delaware Bureau of Captive Insurance & Financial Products
  • Elevate Captives, LLC
  • GPW and Associates, Inc.
  • ICG Captive Services
  • Kraus-Anderson Insurance
  • Lippa Insurance Services, Inc.
  • Oxford Risk Management Group LLC
  • Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance
  • USA Risk Group, Inc.—South Carolina
  • USA Risk Group, Inc.—Tennessee
  • USA Risk Group, Inc.—Vermont
  • Utah Insurance Department

ICCIE Trained Organization refers to firms that have committed to educating their employees through ICCIE or hiring ICCIE-educated professionals. Such firms will be certified as ICCIE Trained Organizations and will be recognized on ICCIE's website. Additionally, at the company's election, they may display the certification on the company's website and marketing materials.

To qualify as an ICCIE Trained Organization, a firm must meet the following requirements.

  1. At least 20 percent of the captive professionals in the organization must hold the Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) in good standing.
  2. At least 30 percent of the company's captive professionals must be ACIs, Certificate in Captive Insurance (CCI) holders, or currently enrolled in either the ACI or CCI program.

A company interested in securing recognition as an ICCIE Trained Organization may apply via the application form on the ICCIE website. There is no fee for applying, receiving, or maintaining such recognition.

Recent ACI and CCI Recipients

The following individuals recently completed the ACI or CCI professional designations.


  • David Wagstaff, Alpha Warranty Services—Utah


  • Trevor Spinney, Deutsche Bank—Cayman Islands
  • Greg Cook, CARE RRG—Kentucky
  • Jonathan Habart, State of Tennessee
  • Eric Anderson, GPW and Associates—Arizona
  • Orla O'Regan, Patriot Captive Management—Cayman Islands
  • Laura Hurlston, Artex—Cayman Islands

February 12, 2019