ICCIE Updates: CICA Partnership, New CE Guidelines, 17 New Designees

Six business professionals standing on a stage three of them with framed certificates in hand

July 13, 2018 |

Six business professionals standing on a stage three of them with framed certificates in hand

In a recent announcement, the International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE) revealed that it is partnering with the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) on a new career development program. The organization also broadcasted updates to its continuing education (CE) guidelines for Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation graduates. Since ICCIE's April update, it has awarded 3 new Certificate in Captive Insurance (CCI) professional designations and 14 new ACI designations.

CICA To Offer 1-Year Free Membership to New ACI Graduates

In partnership with ICCIE, CICA is offering a 1-year free membership to new ACI designation graduates. The new program is intended to support the career development and educational needs of captive professionals.

CICA President Dan Towle recently announced that, retroactive to January 2018, all new ACI graduates will get a complimentary 1-year membership with CICA. "This will grant them all of our membership benefits, including allowing them to participate in our mentorship program, which can be a key component to career advancement," Mr. Towle said.

"It's a great fit, and a terrific opportunity for our two organizations to work together," said ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor. "I have no doubt that our ACIs will see this as a great opportunity to get to know CICA, if they don't already."

ICCIE Implements New CE Guidelines

ICCIE has implemented some changes to their CE guidelines for graduates of their ACI designation. The new schematic will make it more convenient and easier for ACIs to earn more credits while attending approved sessions at captive insurance conferences. In addition, a new payment option will allow for a 1-time discounted payment on all of the CE credits required per a 3-year renewal window. The following are the main points of the ACI CE guidelines.

  • ACIs need to complete 12 ICCIE-approved CE credits per a 3-year window postgraduation (no change).
  • There is no longer a limit to CE credits earned from approved conference sessions (new)—previously, only 4 of the 12 credits per renewal window could be earned at conference sessions.
  • Seminars at conferences now have an administrative fee of $100 per webinar (new).
  • For ACI Alumni Network (AAN) members, all online webinars and live-at-conference CE sessions cost $75 (new—reduced from $90).
  • AAN members receive a 50 percent discount off one course per year (new).
  • ICCIE now has a prepaid subscription available (new): ACIs can prepay for their 12 credits in webinars and webcasts for $1,100 (nonrefundable). This can be purchased at any time, and the credits may be used over more than one renewal window.
  • For AAN members purchasing the prepaid subscription, annual dues are reduced to $50 per year (instead of $100) (new).

Recent ACI and CCI Recipients

The following individuals recently completed the ACI or CCI professional designations.


  • Margaret Draper-Harris, Cristal—Maryland
  • Denise Ingraham, 360 Training and Consulting—Bahamas
  • Justin Sawran, Wisconsin Medical Society Holding Corporation—Wisconsin
  • Carissa McKinney, Premier Insurance Management Services—California

Kathy Grisham Travis Wegkamp


  • Tara Acton, Century Link—Colorado
  • Douglas Bey, State of Delaware—Virginia
  • Michele Durham, Aon—New York
  • Kathy Grisham, RiskMatters—Tennessee
  • Erin Hackett, Crowe—Vermont
  • Franz Hebert, Caledonia Series of Fortresse—Michigan
  • Cari Hutchinson, Caledonia Series of Fortresse—Michigan
  • Timothy Ley, The Hartford—Missouri
  • Yubei Lu, state of Utah—Utah
  • Pamela Sanchez, state of Utah—Utah
  • Andrew Smith, Caledonia Series of Fortresse—Michigan
  • Patrick Womac, state of Tennessee—Tennessee
  • Adam White, Aon—Vermont

For additional information on these or any other matters, contact Mr. Cantor by phone at (802) 651–9051 or email.

In the top photo, Santiago Garcia (far left), Kellie Bodmer (third from left), and Roger Budd (third from right) receive their ACI diplomas from ICCIE Executive Director Mitch Cantor (second from right) at the 2018 Bermuda Captive Conference (BCC). Also present is 2018 BCC Chair Mike Parrish (second from left) and Hon. Walter H Roban, justice of the peace, member of parliament, deputy premier of Bermuda, and the minister of transport and regulatory affairs (far right). Above left, Kathy Grisham receives her ACI diploma at the 2018 Tennessee Captive Insurance Association annual conference from Mr. Cantor. Above right, Travis Wegkamp receives his ACI diploma at the 2018 Western Region conference from WRCIC committee member Renea Louie. Photos are courtesy of ICCIE.

July 13, 2018