Texas Captive Domicile Summary

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Texas is both one of the youngest and fastest-growing captive insurance company domiciles in the United States.

In 2013, Texas lawmakers approved legislation allowing the formation of captives. By the end of 2014, 13 captives were licensed in the Lone Star State and at the close of 2015, the state had 22 captives. At the end of 2019, Texas had 45 captives.

Employers that have set up captives in Texas say there are several attractions to the state, especially the accessibility of Texas captive regulators.

Regulators "are quite easy to work with," said Scott Irwin, principal consultant, corporate insurance, at Phillips 66, the big Houston-based energy company. Phillips 66 set up its Texas captive in 2014.

Captive managers also give high marks to Texas captive regulators.

"I've always had good experience working with regulators. They are very open to making issues work," said Julie Patel, a senior vice president with Marsh Captive Solutions in Houston.


Captive Domicile Statistics

Total Captive Count*
Year Captives
2019 45
2018 42
2017 38
2016 32
2015 22
*All captives are active, single-parent.

Captive Domicile Contacts

For more information, contact
Robert Rudnai
Financial Regulation Division—Company Licensing and Registration Office
Texas Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 149104
Austin, Texas 78714–9104
Phone: (512) 676–6397
Email: [email protected]

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