Group Captive Characteristics & Success Factors

Hugh Rosenbaum, one of the pioneers of the captive insurance movement, discusses the characteristics of group and association captive insurance and describes some of the key success factors of association and group captives. Read More

Group Captive: Good Solution for Contractors

Michael J. O'Neill of ACIG describes some of the advantages for contractors who use group captive insurance companies to handle risk management in the form of increased program control. Read More

Feasibility Studies Critical When Considering Employee Benefit Programs in a Captive

In this video, Debbie Liebeskind of Towers Watson advises that feasibility studies should be undertaken to evaluate such a business decision, including conducting an underwriting review of prior claims and premium data and an actuarial analysis of the data that also considers fronting fees, taxes, capital requirements, and the like to understand the long-term viability of the financials for a captive transaction. Read More

Facilitating Enterprise Risk Management with Captives

John S. Alberici, of Alberici Corporation, explains that enterprise risk management addresses the long-term view of risks and exposures that can be initiated and managed naturally by a captive insurer's board. Read More

Domiciling Captives in Home States To Manage Premium Taxes

John S. Alberici, of Alberici Corporation, discusses how ambiguities in legislation and premium taxation issues can be addressed by domiciling a captive insurer in a company's home state. Read More