Part II: Medical Professional Liability in Captives and Population Management

As health care moves to population management, captive insurers have accepted the challenge. Captive loss data will make the difference in its success. Read More

Part I: Medical Professional Liability in Captives and Physician Migration

Employed physicians have ended up with stronger and more succinctly managed insurance programs through captives than when they were commercially insured. Read More

Onboarding Process Critical When New Member Joins Group Captive

Michael J. O'Neill of ACIG explains the importance of having an onboarding process in place for new members of a group captive insurance company. This will serve to open up communication channels while highlighting changes to the new member's insurance program. Read More

New and Innovative Uses for Captives

Brady Young of Strategic Risk Solutions explains some of the emerging uses for captive insurance companies including warranties, service contracts, capitation risks, medical stop loss, terrorism, property policy exclusions, and hospital employed physician groups. Read More

Mission Statements Critical for Group Captive Success

In the video "Three Critical Success Factors for Group Captives," Michael J. O'Neill of ACIG elaborates on how a group captive insurance company's mission statement is vital to its success and describes what makes an effective mission statement. Read More