Oklahoma Captive Group Joins Western Region Captive Conference

Spotlight shining on an empty chair at a table

December 19, 2023 |

Spotlight shining on an empty chair at a table

The Oklahoma Captive Insurance Association (OCIA) has joined the Western Region Captive Insurance Conference (WRCIC).

In a statement, the WRCIC board of directors said it looks forward to working with the OCIA, which was founded in 2012 and revitalized in 2023. The OCIA has worked with the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) to further establish Oklahoma as a trusted authority in the captive industry.

The OCIA's addition to the WRCIC sets the stage for the 2024 WRCIC conference, scheduled for April 15–17 at the Tulsa Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"Oklahoma Commissioner Mulready and the dedicated team at the OID are wholeheartedly devoted to ensuring the success of captives in Oklahoma," Heather McClure, president of the OCIA, said in a statement. "OCIA aligning with WRCIC was a unanimous decision by our board, and we are joining a premier, well-established conference. We believe great things are ahead."

"With WRCIC's expertise and our renewed vigor, the 2024 conference should be the best yet; we are excited to host the industry in Tulsa and continue the great work OCIA has been doing for Oklahoma as a premier captive domicile," Ms. McClure said.

"We look forward to working with the OCIA Board and members and welcome them to the WRCIC," Renea Louie, chairwoman of the WRCIC board, said in the statement. "OCIA has a progressive, flourishing domicile and a strong commitment for the highest and best, and that aligns directly with our long-standing goals and commitment to the industry.

"It is WRCIC's vision to continue to grow the conference to attract additional state domiciles and maintain its popularity and productivity as the premier captive insurance conference in the West, serving captive owners, service providers, students, reinsurers, brokers, risk managers, and more with direct access and quality time with domicile regulators in the West," Ms. Louie said.

December 19, 2023