Milliman Acquires healthIO To Offer Preventive Health Solution

A tablet with medical information and a stethoscope draped over it

June 11, 2020 |

A tablet with medical information and a stethoscope draped over it

Milliman Inc. has acquired health technology startup healthIO and launched Milliman healthIO, a combination of Milliman's predictive health analytics and healthIO's preventive health technology.

In a statement, Milliman said the product offering aims to make health care preventive, predictive, and participative.

The new offering will focus on the healthcare consumer and their healthcare advocacy group to acquire longitudinal data on the consumer during the time they spend away from the healthcare system. Algorithmic analysis of data patterns will allow the prediction of high-cost health events and enable early involvement of health advocacy groups in the care of the consumer, Milliman said.

Brookfield, Wisconsin–based healthIO provides preventive health monitoring for employers and capitated healthcare providers and has strong synergy with Milliman's predictive analytics capabilities to target rising-risk and high-risk individuals, Milliman said.

"Having already deployed healthIO together with Milliman in our home state of Wisconsin, we have seen the raw potential of this model," Milliman Principal Brian Studebaker said in the statement. "We anticipate steady expansion as the word gets out about the dramatic impact preventive health can have on any organization’s bottom line."

Milliman President and CEO Stephen White said, "healthIO brings a preventive monitoring solution that allows Milliman to act upon our expertise in risk profiling and stratification of employees and patients—then fine-tune that stratification over time on an individual basis. With healthIO we have the ability to operationalize our [artificial intelligence] and analytics in a very meaningful and measurable way, benefitting our clients, their employees, members, and patients."

Sanjay Mohan, healthIO's CEO and founder, will continue as managing director of the new Milliman business unit.

June 11, 2020