Captive Basics

Cell Captives: A Powerful Tool To Manage Risk

October 17, 2022

Cell captives are one of the many options available to companies interested in exploring captive insurance solutions. Cell captives offer organizations a way to realize all the benefits of a captive solution with significantly lower start-up and operating costs. They also take less time to implement than traditional single-parent captives. Read More

Business Risk and the Captive Insurance Company

July 26, 2021

As insurance markets harden and risk management costs increase, many business owners are challenging the conventional method of financing business risk. For those business owners who have an appetite for self-insuring their company's risks, forming a captive insurance company will be a useful tool in their risk management process. Read More

Benefits of Captives and Insurers Working Together

July 15, 2021

Whatever the size of the business, it's likely a captive insurance company can aid the organization's risk management program and reduce the total cost of risk. Captives allow businesses to reduce their reliance on the commercial insurance market while stabilizing insurance costs. Read More

What To Expect from an Actuarial Analysis

March 31, 2020

An actuarial analysis is a great way to determine if your company would benefit from a captive. Read More

Insuring Unique Risks in a Captive

March 31, 2020

Captive insurance companies can be used to insure just about any risk to which a parent company is exposed. Read More