Captive Basics

Captive Insurance: Why or Why Not?

September 29, 2023

There are numerous factors to contemplate when deciding whether or not to form a captive insurance company. Read about some of the advantages and disadvantages of captive ownership to consider when deciding whether to form a captive insurance company or not. Read More

Letters of Credit (LOCs): The Basics

September 26, 2023

Letters of credit (LOCs) are utilized in a variety of risk management transactions and are the most frequently used type of collateral. An LOC is a legal commitment issued by a bank stating that, upon receipt of certain documents, the bank will pay against drafts meeting the terms of the LOC. Read More

Podcast Examines How Captives Weather Insurance Market Cycles

August 8, 2023

The latest IRMI Podcast on the International Risk Management Institute's (IRMI) and's Captive Podcasts pages features Matthew Queen, owner of The Queen Firm, LLC, discussing how to use captive insurance to manage insurance market cycles. Mr. Queen is the author of Modern Captive Insurance. Read More

Forming and Operating a Captive Insurance Company

August 3, 2023

The initial process of forming a captive involves a few basic but important steps. First, identify your insurance/risk problem or opportunity and then interview and select a domicile-approved captive management firm. Your captive manager will play a critical role in guiding you through the process. Read More

Captive Insurance Basics

July 25, 2023

Captive insurance refers to a subsidiary corporation established to provide insurance to the parent company and its affiliates. A captive insurance company represents an option for many organizations that want to take financial control and manage risks by underwriting their own insurance rather than paying premiums to third-party insurers. Read More