The Unique Benefits of Group Captive Ownership

Jim DeWulf , Captive Resources

In this insightful podcast episode, Jim DeWulf of Captive Resources guides us through key strategic moves to shift liabilities off member balance sheets and gain significant cost savings for the captive through the consolidation of incurred but not reported claim liabilities and enhanced purchasing power.

Listeners will be skillfully led through the world of group captives, and the invaluable benefits that owner control brings to organizations will be illuminated. Mr. DeWulf navigates through the coverage challenges faced by group captives and reveals how harnessing purchasing power can lead to premium savings, predictability, and cost smoothing.

Delving into intricate concepts such as heterogeneous and homogeneous group captives, member ownership, common shareholder, preferred shareholder, commutations, novations, and internal tail funds, Mr. DeWulf explains how the latter three can effectively be used to close open policy years.