Blockchain: Accessing Its Value

January 15, 2018

Many readers may be inclined to ignore blockchain concepts or defer consideration until clearer information and evidence are available. However, disregarding blockchain rather than actively understanding it could put an organization, including captive insurers, at a competitive disadvantage compared to others who move to embrace its full context. Read More

How Some Captive Insurers Are Using Technology To Mitigate Risk

August 24, 2017

Industry panelists in Vermont recently discussed how technology is currently being used to mitigate risk in different industries. With advances in technology, organizations and captive insurers are discovering new ways to control costs, improve resource efficiency, and compete more successfully. Read More

What Is the Future of Individual Claims Reserving?

June 14, 2017

With the increased need for more accurate reserving models, taking advantage of the information embedded in individual claims data with appropriate claims development models is a promising alternative compared with traditional aggregate triangles. The future of individual claims reserving is enlarged by the innovative opportunities offered by these alternative models. Read More

Big Data: What Captives Need To Understand

April 7, 2017

With the advent of the Internet, the ability to collect vast quantities of information on people and things began. The rapid expansion of low-cost storage allowed all of this data to be harvested and analyzed for new insights into risk. This article explores what big data is and what captives need to understand. Read More