Captive HR

The Challenge of Managing Millennials

November 29, 2017

Managing millennials can be challenging for human resources departments. Many myths and broad generalizations about this generation have emerged. However, there are risks involved with relying too heavily on generalizations for managing any particular demographic. Read More

The Emotional Intelligence Competencies of an Effective Leader

August 16, 2017

Understanding the difference between leading and managing is understanding the difference between winning and losing in cutthroat markets. Pure managers make the system work, but leaders make things happen. They make the people around them better. Effective leaders should pay attention to and work to master key emotional intelligence competencies. Read More

DOL Approval Not Necessary for Medical Stop Loss in Captives

August 7, 2017

In this video, Debbie Liebeskind of Towers Watson discusses changes to the medical stop-loss claims landscape under the Affordable Care Act and explains why putting medical stop loss into captives is an easy and efficient transaction. Read More

Feasibility Studies Critical When Considering Employee Benefit Programs in a Captive

August 7, 2017

Potential gains from putting employee benefits programs into a captive insurance company may be outweighed by practical concerns. In this video, Debbie Liebeskind of Towers Watson advises that feasibility studies should be undertaken to evaluate such a business decision. Read More

Healthcare Liability Captives a Significant Segment of the Captive Industry

August 7, 2017

Healthcare liability captive insurers represent a significant segment of the captive industry and are becoming even more so under accountable care, says Michael Maglaras, principal at Michael Maglaras & Company, in this video on healthcare liability captives. Read More