Regulation and Oversight

Enterprise Risk Management Minimizes Need for Sustainability Mandates

February 19, 2021

Existing frameworks such as enterprise risk management minimize the need for government mandates for better governance of sustainability risks, according to the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). EU-wide mandatory requirements for due diligence would add administrative costs and could damage competitiveness for European companies, FERMA said. Read More

Congress Appears Unlikely To Pass RRG Expansion this Session

November 10, 2020

While time is running out during the current congressional session for federal lawmakers to act on legislation that would allow certain risk retention groups (RRGs) to expand coverages they can offer to policyholders, observers are optimistic, amid hardening market conditions, that consideration will resume next year. Read More

IRS Offers New, Stricter Settlement Offer to Micro-Captive Owners

October 23, 2020

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced a new limited-time settlement offer to certain taxpayers that the agency alleges participated in abusive micro-captive insurance transactions. The IRS said that in the coming days it will begin sending settlement offers with stricter terms than its first limited-time settlement initiative that began last year. Read More

Medical Professional Liability Remains Dominant RRG Coverage Line

October 19, 2020

While risk retention groups (RRGs) can write a wide range of coverages, one line of coverage is dominant: medical professional liability. Of the roughly $3.5 billion in direct RRGs premiums in 2019, well over 50 percent—nearly $1.96 billion—was for professional liability coverage for RRGs' policyholder-owners. Read More

2 Years after Implementation, GDPR Brings Data Privacy Stability

October 12, 2020

Two years after the implementation of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data privacy has become a standard concern of corporate leaders, particularly as they also rank cyber threats among their top risk concerns. The GDPR created a single source of data protection rules applying across Europe. Read More