ICCIE Webinars Focus on Regulators' Views of COVID-19 and Captives

Webinar Series spelled out in multicolored letterpress

May 21, 2020 |

Webinar Series spelled out in multicolored letterpress

The International Center for Captive Insurance Education (ICCIE) has scheduled two hot-topic webinars focused on how regulators are addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and captive insurance companies.

The first webinar, titled "Captives in the Midst of the Coronavirus Crisis: A Regulator Roundtable Discussion," is scheduled for 2–3 p.m. (EDT) on June 3. The session will feature a panel of captive regulators discussing the current state of affairs in the captive insurance industry.

The discussion will focus on captive operations over the next 6 months as captive managers and captive insurance company owners look to ensure compliance, monitor solvency benchmarks, and begin planning for the future.

The session will be moderated by Ben Whitehouse, ICCIE board vice president. Panelists will include Suzanne Sadlier of the Cayman Islands, Steve Kinion of Delaware, Andrew Kurata from Hawaii, Bill White of New Jersey, Jennifer Stalvey from Tennessee, and Ashton Bertrand from the US Virgin Islands.

The second webinar, scheduled for 2–3 p.m. (EDT) on June 16, is titled "Captive Solutions after the Coronavirus Storm: A Regulator Roundtable Discussion." In this session, captive regulators will take a longer view of the captive insurance industry, focusing on including business interruption coverage in existing and new captives, capital requirements, and a look ahead to the state of the industry in 2021.

The second webinar will be moderated by Lesley Thompson, ICCIE board president. Panelists will include Timae Flood from Bermuda, Dave Piner from Michigan, John Talley of Missouri, Debbie Walker from North Carolina, Travis Wegkamp of Utah, and Dave Provost from Vermont.

Both sessions will include opportunities for participants to send in questions for the panel.

Current associate in captive insurance (ACI) students can register for the webinars by contacting the ICCIE office at [email protected] or (802) 651–9050. ACI graduates or nondesignation students can register by visiting the ICCIE website.

May 21, 2020