Captive Innovators Enhancing Risk Management and Driving Change

A light bulb filled with different sizes of gears emanates blue light

July 02, 2019 |

A light bulb filled with different sizes of gears emanates blue light

Winners of the Strategic Risk Solutions, Inc. (SRS), 2019 Captivator Awards were recently announced and presented at the SRS Client Symposium in Chicago, Illinois. The awards recognize SRS client captives that have introduced innovative products or services to solve risk management challenges for their parent organization(s).

Single-Parent Captive Category: Maple Red Insurance Company

Maple Red is a Vermont-domiciled pure captive owned by Turner Construction Company that has utilized several advanced structures to support the complex risk management needs of its parent. Don Oshiro accepted the reward on behalf of Maple Red. The award was previously won by NiSource Insurance Corporation, Inc.

Group Captive/Risk Retention Group Category: Agrisurance, Inc.

Agrisurance is a Vermont-domiciled group captive that has provided essential risk management resources for the largest dairy cooperative in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Its achievements go beyond superlative program structuring and captive operations. The loss-control efforts led and incentivized by Agrisurance have made a big difference for its policyholders. Jan Klodowski accepted the award on behalf of Agrisurance. The award was previously won by Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company.

Specialty Category: The Alliance Healthcare Coalition (AHC)

Utilizing a cell structure sponsored by Vermont-domiciled ProMutual Solutions Insurance Company, AHC was recognized for its work in helping to reduce costs and improve medical benefits for midsized companies. AHC specializes in healthcare purchasing coalitions and direct contracting with hospitals and providers to build customized health maintenance organization (HMO) products for local employers. Mick Rogers accepted this award on behalf of AHC. The award was previously won by East Isles Reinsurance, Ltd.

"We are delighted to highlight the great work being done by our clients," said Brady Young, SRS president and CEO. "Maple Red, Agrisurance, and Alliance Healthcare Coalition are positive forces for enhancing risk management and driving change in their respective industries. We are impressed by their commitment to excellence and honored to be part of it. It was a pleasure to acknowledge and celebrate their successes."

July 02, 2019