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Welcome to the Captive Podcasts page.  Join us here to gather new ideas and gain practical advice about captive insurance and alternative risk from industry experts. Our captive insurance podcast episodes are powered by IRMI and average 15–20 minutes each to bring you concise, easily consumable content. We will add a new podcast to this page each month.

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Captive-Centric Risk Management: An In-Depth Conversation

In this podcast episode, Joel Appelbaum, chief content officer for IRMI and, welcomes Anne Marie Towle, CEO of Global Risk and Captive Solutions at Hylant. With over 30 years of expertise in captive insurance and risk management, Anne Marie shares valuable insights on adopting a captive-centric approach to risk management.

The episode highlights the pivotal role captives play in strategic decision-making and underscores their growing significance in the ever-evolving landscape of risk management. The episode discusses the dynamic nature of risk philosophy, and Anne Marie emphasizes the importance of aligning with industry experts and continuously evaluating risk appetite. She illustrates a success story where a large organization optimized multiple captives to enhance risk management protocols, streamline processes, and support safety initiatives.

Navigating the European Captive Insurance Market

In this podcast episode, captive expert Derek Bridgeman, managing director at Strategic Risk Solutions (SRS) Europe, explores the factors driving captive growth in Europe, including the hardening of primary markets, increased interest in captive insurance, and regulatory changes.

He also discusses the challenges and advantages of captive structures, underscoring their significance in incubating and understanding risks. Additionally, he provides insights into the future trends of captives in Europe, foreseeing sustained growth, increased demand for consulting services, and potential innovations in captive management.

How Captive Insurers Use Reinsurance and Risk Pooling

In this insightful podcast episode, legal experts Bruce Wright and Saren Goldner from Eversheds Sutherland explore how captive insurers utilize reinsurance and risk pooling. The duo unravels the nuanced nature of reinsurance transactions, emphasizing the diversity of approaches and debunking the one-size-fits-all myth. The conversation extends to the impact of regulatory requirements on captives and their reinsurance activities, offering practical examples to illustrate potential challenges. Listeners gain a primer on key distinctions in assuming versus ceding risk, as well as indemnity reinsurance versus assumption reinsurance. The discussion also explores the relationship between reinsurance and risk pooling, highlighting the benefits for captives. The episode concludes with an examination of 10 crucial aspects for captive risk pools to consider in navigating the regulatory landscape, providing a comprehensive guide for those involved in captive insurance.

The Unique Benefits of Group Captive Ownership

In this insightful podcast episode, Jim DeWulf, of Captive Resources, guides us through key strategic moves to shift liabilities off member balance sheets and gain significant cost savings for the captive through the consolidation of incurred but not reported claim liabilities and enhanced purchasing power.

Listeners will be skillfully led through the world of group captives, and the invaluable benefits that owner control brings to organizations will be illuminated. Mr. DeWulf navigates through the coverage challenges faced by group captives and reveals how harnessing purchasing power can lead to premium savings, predictability, and cost smoothing.

Delving into intricate concepts such as heterogeneous and homogeneous group captives, member ownership, common shareholder, preferred shareholder, commutations, novations, and internal tail funds, Mr. DeWulf explains how the latter three can effectively be used to close open policy years.

What Does the Dobbs Decision Have To Do with Captive Insurance?

How does the US Supreme Court's ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization intersect with captive insurance? With most healthcare facilities in the United States operating their own captive insurance entities to cover the majority of healthcare providers, this decision necessitates that captive insurance policies for medical liability now include provisions for criminal defense and safeguard healthcare providers involved in legally performed abortion procedures. Captive insurance is a proactive solution for this deep and profound risk, filling the void where traditional markets hesitate to participate. In this 21-minute podcast episode, join us for an engaging conversation with the distinguished innovator and forward-thinking problem solver, Michael Maglaras, as he simplifies this intricate subject, making it accessible and comprehensible.

Unlocking Captive Insurance: Tailored Solutions and Expert Insights

This podcast offers businesses a road map to curating tailored insurance solutions through captive insurance. Moreover, gain exclusive insights into navigating the regulatory landscapes of captive insurance in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Join us and harness the full potential of your captive insurance strategy. Contrary to a common misconception, captive insurance isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Andy Hulme, a seasoned leader at Strategic Risk Solutions, imparts intriguing perspectives gained from his dynamic insurance career, shedding light into the challenges and misconceptions surrounding captive insurance.

Captive Insurance Around the World: Moves in Latin America

Discover why there's explosive growth in captive insurance in Latin America (LATAM). In this captivating episode (no pun intended), join Luis Delgado, a leading expert at Strategic Risk Solutions, as he unveils the reason for the sharp rise of captive insurance formations in the dynamic LATAM region. Luis discusses what type of LATAM organizations are forming captives, where and how they are being formed, and some challenges they face.

Captives Weather Insurance Market Cycles

This 29-minute podcast episode from IRMI features Matthew Queen, author of Modern Captive Insurance, discussing how to use captive insurance to manage insurance market cycles. The Queen Firm, LLC, is a law firm providing captive insurance consulting services. In this podcast episode, you will learn from Matthew's deep experience how captive insurance companies can function as a risk management tool, and why captive insurance might not be right for everyone.

Introduction to Captives

Captive insurance can be confusing at times. However, a captive can be a great addition to the tool belt of farmers and ranchers. Captive insurance is gaining popularity in the agribusiness world as insurance industry professionals continue to explore the many applications possible.

In this podcast episode, Prabal Lakhanpal, vice president, Spring Consulting Group, explains in a Snap Talk the basics of captive insurance and why a captive may be the right solution for your client.

Reinsurance 101

This 20-minute podcast episode, a Snap Talk from the 2021 IRMI Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference, is presented by Larry Schiffer, attorney, counselor, consultant, and mediator for Schiffer Law & Consulting PLLC. In this podcast, Mr. Schiffer provides a clear understanding of the two basic forms of reinsurance: treaty and facultative.

Ag Update: John Talley Talks Captive Insurance Basics

Join IRMI Chief Content Officer Joel Appelbaum and IRMI Captive and Risk Finance Product Manager Rachel Moir as they host John Talley, captive program manager for the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance. Mr. Talley breaks down what captives are really about and their applicability to agricultural insurance!