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"Insurance Risk" as a Tax-Deductibility Requirement

As touched on in the video "Tax-Deductibility of Captive Insurance Premiums," P. Bruce Wright of Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP expands on what qualifies as a true insurance risk for regulatory and tax-deduction purposes. One of the most important factors is determining if there is an insurable interest. Read More

Is Captive Insurance Right for Your Business

Do the benefits of forming a captive insurance company exceed the costs? Jeremy Colombik, president of Management Services International, says this boils down to educating the client of all the benefits that a captive insurance company may offer. Read More

Risk Shifting as a Tax-Deductibility Requirement

Linking back to another video, "Tax-Deductibility of Captive Insurance Premiums," P. Bruce Wright of Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP explains that for an insurance transaction to occur, risk transfer or risk shifting from one party to another and risk distribution are required. Several high-profile cases are also reviewed in this video. Read More

State and Local Income Tax Issues and Captive Insurance

State and local income taxes are an evolving issue that concerns captive insurers and that some states are challenging as they look for revenue. Read More

Strategy of Using Multiple Captives

John S. Alberici, of Alberici Corporation, discusses factors that come into play when determining a successful strategy for using multiple captive insurers and discusses how coverage type focus (strategic or tactical) and frequency and severity profiles can help when determining placement of coverages in multiple captives. Read More