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How the 2017 Tax Law Affects Captive Insurers

January 12, 2018

Bruce Wright of Eversheds Sutherland gives his take on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (2017 tax law) and primary impacts on the captive insurance industry. Read More

Why Letters of Credit Are the Most Popular Option for Captive Insurers

January 12, 2018

Martin Ellis, manager of Comerica Bank's Captive Insurance Group, explains why letters of credit (LOCs) are the most popular collateral option for captive insurers. Read More

Collateral for Captive Insurers

January 8, 2018

Martin Ellis, manager of Comerica Bank's Captive Insurance Group, says captive insurers mainly use letters of credit and reinsurance trusts for collateral. Read More

Why Captive Investment Manager Due Diligence Matters

November 22, 2017

With the recent revelations concerning the issues at Guggenheim Partners and the New York state pension fund, captive insurers should consider how they conduct investment manager due diligence. Find out what precipitated the scandal and how captive insurers should consider conducting due diligence on money managers. Read More

Can the Black-Scholes Model Be Used for Captive Insurance Premiums?

October 30, 2017

Pinnacle Actuarial Resources' Derek Freihaut and Tim Mosler share their thoughts on the viability of applying a specific mathematical model, Black-Scholes, in estimating the maximum premium appropriate for a captive insurance company. Should the Black-Scholes pricing model be used to estimate captive insurance premiums? Read More