Captive HR

Formal Performance Review Best Practices

April 4, 2017

Managers who are effective at reviewing others' performance understand how essential the formal performance review process is, prepare carefully, and do a thorough job. Managers who are not particularly effective avoid this part of their role, push it off onto others, or do a poor job. Read More

Best Practices in Hiring

March 30, 2017

If a job candidate looks good on paper and performs well in the interview, one would naturally assume the candidate would be a good fit for the job. While it sounds logical, it doesn't always work out that way, and good managers will take their hiring processes to a higher level. Read More

Captive Insurance Company Culture Key to Meeting Talent Need

June 10, 2016

In this follow-up to our earlier article titled "Captive Insurance Company Culture and Values Matter," we explore how culture and values interact with the need to attract new talent into the captive insurance industry. Read More

Onboarding Process Critical When New Member Joins Group Captive

February 17, 2016

Michael J. O'Neill of ACIG explains the importance of having an onboarding process in place for new members of a group captive insurance company. This will serve to open up communication channels while highlighting changes to the new member's insurance program. Read More

Reasons To Cover Benefits in Captives

February 17, 2016

In this video, Debbie Liebeskind of Towers Watson lays out some of the primary reasons companies have for covering employee benefits in their captives, which include cash flow, interest income, and accelerated tax deductions. Read More