Captive HR

Part I: Medical Professional Liability in Captives and Physician Migration

Employed physicians have ended up with stronger and more succinctly managed insurance programs through captives than when they were commercially insured. Read More

Part II: Medical Professional Liability in Captives and Population Management

As health care moves to population management, captive insurers have accepted the challenge. Captive loss data will make the difference in its success. Read More

Reasons To Cover Benefits in Captives

In this video, Debbie Liebeskind of Towers Watson lays out some of the primary reasons companies have for covering employee benefits in their captives. Read More

Regulatory Hurdles for Covering Benefits in Captives

As also discussed in the video "History of US Employee Benefits in Captives" featuring Debbie Liebeskind of Towers Watson, the company must obtain a prohibited transaction exemption from the US Department of Labor. Read More

Tips for Selecting a Captive Manager

For interviewing and selecting a captive insurance company manager, Brady Young of Strategic Risk Solutions says to look for experience in the captive insurance business, familiarity with the domicile, and the capability of the manager. Read More