Western Region Captive Insurance Conference Agenda Update

Herd of buffalo at sunset

March 21, 2024 |

Herd of buffalo at sunset

The upcoming Western Region Captive Conference, scheduled to take place from April 15–17 at The Tulsa Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, promises a comprehensive view of the captive insurance landscape. Below is a breakdown of the conference agenda.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Captive 101 Introduction: This panel discussion will offer insights for those contemplating the formation of a captive insurance company. Leading experts will provide guidance on evaluating, licensing, and operating a captive.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Opening Keynote by Commissioner Glen Mulready: The Oklahoma Insurance Department Commissioner will set the tone for the conference with an opening keynote address.

Amplify Women: A panel of women in the captive industry will share their career journeys and provide valuable guidance based on their experiences. Additionally, they will discuss the direction of the industry and opportunities for women within it.

Economic Landings: This presentation will delve into the implications of asset allocation, stress testing, and portfolio buffering in the context of captive insurance.

Case Study One: Experts will present operational considerations and recent developments in property casualty captive insurance, offering insights into growth strategies and coverage expansion.

Artificial Intelligence in Loss and Risk Analysis: Attendees will learn about the competitive advantages offered by AI-assisted loss and risk analysis, including more accurate risk pricing and placement.

Commissioner's Fireside Chat: Commissioners Scott Kipper of Nevada and Glen Mulready of Oklahoma will engage in an open-question format, providing insight into their approaches to captive insurance regulation.

Captive Finance & Collateral Complexities: This session will explore the impact of recent fraud cases on reinsurance and collateral security, as well as delve into contractual security and accounting methodologies.

Underwriting Best Practices for Captive Insurance Companies: This presentation will offer an overview of underwriting from multiple perspectives, emphasizing the relationship between underwriting and the captive structure as it relates to risk shifting and risk distribution.

Employee Benefits: Experts will discuss how to incorporate employee benefits into captives.

Case Study 2: Healthcare captives will be the focus, with a presentation addressing potential coverages and strategies for mitigating losses along with case studies.

Cannabis Captive Insurance: Attendees will gain insights into the unique challenges and regulations surrounding cannabis captives.

New and Emerging Uses of Captive Insurance Companies: Examples of emerging risks addressed through captive insurance will be presented, along with challenges faced by actuaries and reinsurers for loss projection and pricing of unique exposures.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Keynote Session by Mike Breeze

Captive Tax Update: Attendees will receive updates on tax issues impacting captive insurance companies, including special considerations for non-profits.

Measuring Third-Party Risk: The presentation will discuss third-party risk and common risk distribution practices in captives, with case studies illustrating the integration of voluntary benefits initiatives.

Regulator Roundup: Regulatory issues will be addressed firsthand by individuals responsible for overseeing captive operations.

Registration is open for the 2024 Western Region Captive Insurance Conference. Visit the conference website to register and stay updated.

March 21, 2024