KBRA Reports on Eurozone Investment Flow

Euro sign in front of the European Central Bank building

June 20, 2018 |

Euro sign in front of the European Central Bank building

Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) recently released a new macro-market commentary titled "Eurozone Investment: Quality over Quantity." The report discusses Europe's relatively disappointing aggregated investment flow data since the global financial crisis.

Investment has been continually identified as the weak link in Europe's economic recovery, despite favorable liquidity conditions in play, and overall investment has not yet reached pre-crisis levels, according to the aggregated data. Continued uncertainties in Europe, including the impact of Brexit on the Eurozone, rising Euro-skepticism, and heightened policy risk in Italy, are factors that continue to constrain a faster recovery in investment spending.

However, a more granular review of investment data reveals two key (and more constructive) findings: (1) while the recovery of investment has been sluggish, it is indeed accelerating; and (2) the quality of investment is improving, driven much more by the corporate sector with government and household investment lagging.

Complimentary access to the full report, "Eurozone Investment: Quality over Quantity," is available on the KBRA website with registration.

June 20, 2018