Anne Marie Towle Explores a Captive-Centric Approach in Latest Podcast

A round table in a board room with chairs on one side

February 19, 2024 |

A round table in a board room with chairs on one side

In a recent episode of the podcast hosted by Joel Appelbaum, chief content officer for IRMI and, Anne Marie Towle, CEO of Global Risk and Captive Solutions at Hylant, shares her extensive knowledge and insights into the world of captive insurance and risk management. With a career spanning over 30 years, Anne Marie is recognized as an industry expert, and her discussion sheds light on the evolving landscape of risk management through a captive-centric lens.

In the episode, Anne Marie emphasizes the significance of adopting a captive-centric approach to risk management, stressing that captives are not just financial tools but strategic vehicles that offer control and flexibility in managing risks. Listeners are encouraged to view their captives as integral components of their overall risk management strategy.

Anne Marie delves into the concept of risk philosophy and its pivotal role in captive insurance. She highlights the dynamic nature of risk philosophy, emphasizing that it evolves over time and should align with an organization's growth and changes. The discussion underscores the importance of industry expertise and collaboration with professionals to navigate the complexities of captive-centric risk management effectively.

Anne Marie also highlights a success story involving a large organization that optimized multiple captives to enhance risk management protocols. The organization streamlined processes, supported safety initiatives, and strategically allocated resources to lower costs and improve outcomes. This real-world example illustrates the tangible benefits of a captive-centric approach, showcasing how captives can play a central role in achieving organizational goals and objectives.

February 19, 2024