Ohio Captive Domicile Summary

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While Ohio is a very small captive insurance company domicile, the state has several key captive attractions, Ohio's top captive regulator says.

For Ohio-based organizations, there can be significant cost savings in setting up captives in the state compared to other domiciles, says Tracy Snow, chief of captive insurance with the Ohio Department of Insurance in Columbus.

"You have cost savings of having meetings in the state as well as convenience," Mr. Snow said.

At the same time, state regulators try to quickly respond to questions from current and prospective captive sponsors.

"We try to be as responsive as possible," Mr. Snow added.

Captive sponsors applaud state captive regulators for their accessibility and knowledge of their business.

The Ohio captive regulators "are very approachable and business friendly. They understand our business and the business of our captive," said Andy Seger, general counsel in Cleveland with Imprise Insurance Co., an Ohio captive that underwrites warranty coverages.


Captive Domicile Statistics

Total Captive Count*
Year Captives
2019  6 
2018 8
2017 15
2016 14
2015  4
*Includes cell captives.

Captives' Gross Written Premiums
Year Premium Volume
2019 $904.3 million
2018 $630.6 million
2017 $572.6 million
2016 $524.3 million
2015 $524.6 million 

Captive Domicile Contacts

For more information, contact
Tracy L. Snow
Chief of Captive Insurance
Ohio Department of Insurance
50 West Town Street
Suite 300
Columbus, Ohio 43215–4186
Phone: (614) 728–1263
Email: [email protected]

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