Kansas Captive Domicile Summary

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For years, Kansas has been the smallest captive domicile in the United States with just one licensed captive.

But that could be about to change, captive experts say.

"We are expecting some growth," Richard Ramos said earlier, when he was director of the Kansas Insurance Department's Financial Surveillance Division in Topeka.

A key reason for that optimism: the passage of legislation in early 2018 that updated the state's 20-year-old captive statute.

"We had a very outdated law," Clark Shultz said earlier, when he was assistant commissioner of the Kansas Department of Insurance. "We wanted companies in Kansas that want to set up captives to have the option of doing so in this state rather than having to go somewhere else," Mr. Shultz added.

The 2018 law made numerous changes to the captive statute. For example, the original law only allowed pure or single-parent captives. Under that legislative update, the law was revamped to also allow branch captives, special purpose captives, and association captives.


Captive Domicile Statistics

Total Captive Count
Year Captives
2019   1
2018 1
2017 1
2016 2

Captive Domicile Contacts

For more information, contact
Jennifer Zavadil
Captive Analyst/Admissions
Kansas Department of Insurance
1300 SW Arrowhead Road
Topeka, Kansas 66604
Phone: (785) 296–7820
Email: [email protected]

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