Georgia Captive Domicile Summary

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While Georgia is one of the smaller captive insurance company domiciles in the United States, the state has been one of the fastest-growing domiciles.

As recently as 2014, just 9 captives were licensed in Georgia. Since then, Georgia's captive count has increased every year. Georgia's 52 captives at the end of 2019 were nearly 6 times greater compared to its 9 captives in 2014.

That rise in Georgia captive insurers has been accompanied by a big jump—well over 3 1/2 times in 3 years—in annual captive premium volume, which rose to $831.4 million in 2018, the last year statistics are available, from just $168.5 million in 2014.

Observers attribute that growth to several factors, including strong support and cooperation from state insurance regulators.


Captive Domicile Statistics

Total Captive Count*
Year Captives
2019  52 
2018 49
2017 42
2016 28
2015 16
*Excludes inactive captives.

Captives' Gross Written Premiums
Year Gross Premium
2019  $368.4 million 
2018 $831.4 million
2017 $626.5 million
2016 $404.3 million
2015 $289.7 million

Captive Domicile Contacts

For more information, contact
Tammy Brewster
Captives Analyst
Georgia Department of Insurance
Two Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
West Tower, Suite 908
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Phone: (800) 656–2298
Email: [email protected]

Captive Events

The Georgia Captive Insurance Association (GCIA) sponsors an annual conference in the fall to give captive sponsors the opportunity to network as well as to attend conference sessions. For example, the 2018 conference included sessions in which state captive regulators provided updates on the latest developments, as well as a session in which a captive sponsor laid out the advantages of setting up a captive in Georgia.

For more information about the GCIA, contact any of the following GCIA officers: Doug Butler, president, [email protected], (770) 429–1499; Alana Mueller, treasurer, [email protected], (678) 302–1429; or Kimberly Bunting, secretary, [email protected], (404) 445–5584.

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