Connecticut Captive Domicile Summary

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Connecticut is one of the newer and smaller captive domiciles in the United States, with significant growth lying ahead, state captive experts predict.

Just over a decade ago, Connecticut lawmakers passed legislation authorizing captive formation in the state. At the end of 2019, Connecticut had 17 captive insurance companies.

While the number of Connecticut captives—compared to many other domiciles—is small, several of those captives have very well-known parents, including media giant Thomson Reuters, which, in 2012, moved its Delaware-based captive to Connecticut, becoming Connecticut's first captive, and health insurer Aetna Inc., which set up a Connecticut captive insurance company in 2014.

A wide range of experts say—for a variety of reasons, including convenience and costs—that number will be rising.

"There is convenience in having captives in the state in which they are based" for captive parents, says Janet Grace, captive unit program manager with the Connecticut Insurance Department in Hartford. (Ms. Grace subsequently passed away in June 2020.)


Captive Domicile Statistics

Total Captive Count*
Year Captives
2019 17
2018 15
2017 14
2016 14
2015 10
*Counts for 2015–2017 do not consider inactive captives. Count for 2018 includes inactive captives. All counts exclude cell captives.

Captives' Direct Written Premiums
Year Premium Volume
2019  $5.6 billion 
2018 $300.0 million 
2017 $363.0 million
2016 $297.1 million
2015 $110.1 million

Captive Domicile Contacts

For more information, contact
Captive Unit Program
Connecticut Insurance Department
153 Market Street, 6th Floor
Hartford, Connecticut, 06142–0816
Phone: (860) 297–3813

Captive Events

The Connecticut Captive Insurance Association (CCIA) sponsors an annual conference in the state every October with different themes. The 2018 conference, for example, focused on innovation and managing cyber risk through captives.

The conferences not only address specific captive issues but also give attendees the opportunity to meet captive regulators as well as other members of the captive insurance company community.

More information about CCIA conferences is available.

Aside from hosting conferences, CCIA was founded in 2011 to, among other things, keep members up to date on captive issues; promote the interests of the captive insurance industry in Connecticut; establish policy positions on major issues that affect the captive insurance industry, as well as CCIA members; and advocate the interests of the captive industry before federal, state, and local government bodies.

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