Captive HR

Tips for Selecting a Captive Manager

February 17, 2016

For interviewing and selecting a captive insurance company manager, Brady Young of Strategic Risk Solutions says to look for experience in the captive insurance business, familiarity with the domicile, and the capability of the manager. Read More

Use Consultants When Considering Captives

February 17, 2016

Joining a captive insurance company is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration. In this video, Michael J. O'Neill of ACIG advises organizations to involve an unbiased and thorough professional captive insurance consultant when reviewing all elements of the captive insurance company under consideration. Read More

Healthcare Captives Will Write New Lines of Coverage in Response to Accountable Care

February 17, 2016

Michael Maglaras, principal at Michael Maglaras & Company, discusses three areas where healthcare liability captives will play an increased role in the future as a result of Affordable Care: directors and officers liability, cyber and breach liability, and stop-loss capitation. Read More

Captive Insurance and Sexual Misconduct

Michael Maglaras, principal of Michael Maglaras & Company, discusses captive insurance and sexual misconduct. Read More

Healthcare Liability Captives Thrive in a Soft Professional Liability Market

Captive expert Michael Maglaras believes the soft medical professional liability market we've experienced over the past decade will continue for many years to come. Read More