Captive HR

Use Consultants When Considering Captives

Joining a captive insurance company is a significant undertaking that requires careful consideration. In this video, Michael J. O'Neill of ACIG advises organizations to involve an unbiased and thorough professional captive insurance consultant when reviewing all elements of the captive insurance company under consideration. Read More

Accountable Care Rollout Creates Special Demands on Medical Professional Liability Captives

Michael Maglaras, principal at Michael Maglaras & Company, speaks about how healthcare liability captives will be at the forefront of quality improvement and enhanced outcomes under accountable care, requiring expanded budgets that integrate more service providers, consulting assistance, and software. Read More

Accountable Care's Effect on Medical Professional Liability

Michael Maglaras, principal at Michael Maglaras & Company, discusses how accountable care is resulting in the marriage between claims activity and quality. Healthcare captives mine their claims data to instruct quality improvement and, most significantly, how this is key to managing reputational risk. Read More

Healthcare Captives Will Write New Lines of Coverage in Response to Accountable Care

Michael Maglaras, principal at Michael Maglaras & Company, discusses three areas where healthcare liability captives will play an increased role in the future as a result of Affordable Care: directors and officers liability, cyber and breach liability, and stop-loss capitation. Read More

Reinsurance Considerations with Captive Insurer Claims Handling

According to Lynn Sheils, general counsel of EWI Reinsurance, under the notice clause, the cedent must notify the reinsurer when there is a claim that may fall within the reinsurance. Read More