R. Scott Mildrum

Scott Mildrum is Performa's economic and macro strategist responsible for developing the firm's views on the economy and helping to set top-down macroeconomic investment policy. He is also a member of the firm's Investment Policy Group (IPG). Over the years, Mr. Mildrum has spoken at several captive insurance conferences, including VCIA (Vermont), SCCIA (South Carolina), TxCIA (Texas), and IMAC (Cayman Islands).

Prior to joining Performa in 2012, he worked at Dwight Asset Management as both a quantitative analyst and associate portfolio manager responsible for managing portfolio analytic systems, modeling tactical and strategic interest rate positioning trades as well as risk management monitoring.

Prior to Dwight, he worked at Princeton University as a data analyst writing statistical programs and managing databases for various university departmental research projects. Mr. Mildrum graduated from the University of Vermont as a double major in mathematics and economics and earned a master of science degree in economics from the University of Oregon.

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R. Scott Mildrum
Economic and Macro Strategist