Mark Sims

Mark Sims

Mr. Sims is a graduate of Indiana University and has more than 25 years of experience in risk management and insurance consulting.

Mr. Sims educates trusted advisers and prospective clients on the use of private insurance companies for insuring catastrophic business risks and employee benefits programs. Clients include medical groups, attorneys, athletes and entertainers, business owners in various sectors, and other high-net-worth groups throughout the United States.

Mr. Sims is a charismatic and popular professional speaker on the use of private insurance companies for risk management, asset protection, wealth preservation, and exit strategies.

He is a member of the Captive Insurance Companies Association and the Self-Insurance Institute of America. Mr. Sims has extensive working experience with tax attorneys, estate planning firms, and other trusted advisers to high-net-worth business owners and families and frequently provides customized webinars to adviser groups that want to learn about private insurance companies and the Puerto Rico solution.

Contact Information

Mark Sims
Madison Insurance Group
1155 Mount Vernon Hwy. NE, Ste. 800
Atlanta, GA 30338
Phone: (812) 327–3341