Marcy Van Stee

Marcy Van Stee - Acquisition Manager - RiverStone

Ms. Van Stee is the acquisition manager at RiverStone, a runoff and legacy solutions provider. With over 30 years of insurance industry experience, Ms. Van Stee leads RiverStone's acquisition team. Prior to RiverStone, she worked at American Safety Insurance Company for 9 years, the last 5 years as vice president of program claims. Prior to that, she worked for Safeco Insurance Company in a variety of claims, training, and management roles. Ms. Van Stee has a bachelor of arts degree in economics and master of science degree in business organizational management.

Contact Information

Marcy Van Stee
Acquisition Manager
8880 Rio San Diego Dr.
Ste. 800
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: (619) 787–0869