Andy Hulme

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Mr. Hulme is a director of underwriting within the Strategic Risk Solutions (SRS) group. He is responsible for developing underwriting capability and services supporting SRS's global management of its (re)insurance clients and consulting practices. Mr. Hulme is based in the United Kingdom and is actively involved in the expansion of the firm's services in Europe. He also leads the underwriting services provided to Bermuda-domiciled clients.

Mr. Hulme was formerly the chief underwriting officer (CUO) of a large insurance and reinsurance group owned by Hochtief, one of the world's largest construction groups, where he was responsible for leading the underwriting of both captive and commercial market/unrelated risks. Prior to being CUO, Mr. Hulme was executive vice president at JLT in Bermuda and London, responsible for business development and captive consulting. Mr. Hulme brings over 18 years of underwriting experience, of which half has been in the captive industry. Mr. Hulme has experience across a wide range of traditional and nontraditional (re)insurance products in the United Kingdom, European mainland, and Bermuda (re)insurance and captive markets.

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Andy Hulme
Director of Underwriting