Alan Fleming

Alan Fleming started his career in 1964 with British Engine Insurance Company and, in 1966, moved to Imperial Chemical Industries, where he was ultimately responsible for its global insurance programs and gained 29 years' experience in captive insurance and reinsurance. In 1993, he was appointed to Airmic as executive director and also served on the Court of Governors of the Institute of Risk Management. Mr. Fleming was heavily involved in the formation of Pool Re to address terrorism issues. He was head of risk management for Guinness PLC in 1995 and, in 1997, was the director of global risk management for Diageo. Mr. Fleming joined Railtrack, Ltd., in 1999 as the head of insurance and risk management and also, from 2000 to 2001, served as the chairman of Airmic. He was appointed a strategic account manager at Aon in November 2001 and joined the Guernsey Financial Services Commission as the director of insurance regulation on November 1, 2003, where he served until December 2006. Mr. Fleming was appointed the interim CEO of Airmic on July 1, 2007, where he served until January 2008. He is currently a nonexecutive director of the Medical and Dental Defense Union of Scotland, CS Healthcare, Ltd., and two captive insurance companies in Guernsey—one of which is Diageo. He also leads the Airmic Captive Special Interest Group.

Contact Information

Alan Fleming
Nonexecutive Director (retired)
CS Healthcare, Ltd.
6 Lloyd's Avenue
London, England EC3N 3AX
Phone: 020 7680 3088