September 2005 Pulse Survey Results

Terrorism Coverage and TRIA Renewal

1. Are you a current or future captive owner, a captive risk manager, a captive manager, or a service provider who is comfortable participating in this survey on behalf of your collective clients?
 Response PercentResponse Total
Total Respondents  88
(skipped this question)  0
2. Do you currently use a captive to insure TRIA?
 Response PercentResponse Total
Total Respondents  69
(skipped this question)  19
3. In light of possible major changes to TRIA renewal, what changes are you considering? (Please check all that apply)
 Response PercentResponse Total
 No change -- I will continue to insure terrorism at the same limits and premium.
 I will decrease the limits I write.
 I will increase the limits I write.
 I will eliminate TRIA from the captive altogether.
 I plan to change the capitalization for the coverage I am writing.
 Other (please specify)
Total Respondents  11
(skipped this question)  77
Comments from "other" option in Question 2 above:
1. Intend to place standalone coverage for terrorism as the captive cannot increase the capitalization necessary to retain the purported TRIA retention.
2. Will either eliminate the coverage or adjust so that the risk retained does not materially change.

4. Do you think you will use a captive to insure TRIA in the future?
 Response PercentResponse Total
  Yes, I am considering using my captive to write TRIA coverage.
  No, I will continue not to write TRIA coverage
Total Respondents  54
(skipped this question)  34